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Joomla is Modular


Joomla is a modular content management system. It is not limited to just what comes with the initial package. You can expand on it, customize it, and swap components with a few clicks of the mouse. It is because of this extensive amount of control that it can be a bit overwhelming to someone attempting to navigate through the administrative side for the first time. In this page, we will attempt to tackle some of the most common Joomla components and how they relate to one-another.


Some of the terms used in the Joomla ecosphere are shared with other CMS environments while others are purposely differentiated in order to maintain some separation between platforms in order to avoid confusion. For example, a template in Joomla is very similar to a theme in WordPress.


If a Joomla site were to be compared to a car, then Joomla itself would be the engine. Through a series of PHP scripts and commands (frame, cables, and wires), it pulls the data (fuel) from the database (fuel tank) requested by the user (driver), which allows the car to move.


The site's template would be the body of the car, defining its look and feel, as well as providing much of the area in which the driver operates. In many ways, it also makes up the steering wheel and gear shift, allowing the user to interact directly with the site and tell it what to do.


Plugins and modules make up additional parts like the gear shift, glove box, and mirrors. They are often helpful, and potentially essential for carrying out operations requested by the user.

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